Jeep problems


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Jeep problems

I have a 94 cherokee w/ 4.0 and I am having problems with it stalling. I have went though and replaced the fuel pump, fuel filter, dist. cap, rotor, and lastly the coil.

It will run fine sometimes, for a day or so, then i will be lucky to get it out of my drive way and back in others. I have spent the better part of a week under the hood of this thing trying to figure it out, and i am now out of options, any suggestions would be greatly apprecated.
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suggest having codes checked and fuel pressure and give a better description of the problem like when does it stall does it ever fail to start?
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when does it stall (cold or hot), how often does it occur, does it get worse over time, can you start it right after it stalls, or do you need to let it cool down for a while ?
I have a 95 cherokee, had similar problems, it ended up being the cranksensor,
it was failing very randomly intermittently, and would start only after it was cooled down, would not give me error codes that would show the prob either. don`t know if thats your problem but maybe this input can help
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94 jeep

Next time it stalls out, crank it over and watch your tach(rpms). If the tach dosen't move have the crank sensor checked.

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