Renault Clio Starter motor problem


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Renault Clio Starter motor problem

L reg clio, it has been running fine, until yesturday evening, I was driving around in it all day to different job sites no problems. The the last stop came out to and it wouldn't start completely silent.

I have checked all the basics, battery, petrol etc, but nothing wrong. However it did go after a bump start, but once it stopped nothing again. Which leads me to the starter motor.

As it was running fine all day i think it could be just a loose wire, but am not sure were to check anybody any ideas.

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What year is the car and does the starter solenoid click when you try to start
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Year 93/94, i get nothing, the only sound is like a his, which i think is the fuel being injected. If i run the car down a hill and jump it then of we and it runs fine. just the starting is the problem
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Do the headlights/radio work when it doesn't start?

Check the wires anyway
Start at the battery
Check those connections
I mean really check them, take them off and clean them up
Look for any corrosion, it's not always visible at first
Sometimes it's just a crack in the covering outside, and inside it's corroded
Then follow the wires as far as you can and inspect them as well as you can
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Cheers i will check the cables this weekend, but the power seems to be fine, radio works, light electric windows etc, no power loss at all.
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It could be a bad ignition switch if there is no voltage at the starter solenoid.
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Cheer sfor all the help this is now sorted, spent the morning checking all the cabling etc, got down to the started and found the problem with the connections thier, some oil had got onto the connections and was shorting the power. Cleaned it up and off it went.

thanks for the help.
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Thumbs up

That's great!
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Hey People

Hey, I've got a Renault Clio 1.4 16v Car it's an 01 make, and basically I was driving to a course this morning with no problems, was a nice smooth drive there.. When I finished for the day, I went back to the car and tried starting it, I have electric going - to the Radio, ignition lights are on and all sorts, but still can't get the car to go.

I've tried pushing it to see if it would kick in and no luck,

Any help would be much appreciated.

SORRY for taking a thread

but I am really desperate as I need to get around from A - B

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