pulsating break pedal


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pulsating break pedal

hi, i have a 1996 cavalier. i changed the front disc breaks a little while ago myself for the first time. now my break pedal pulsates pretty bad,when going down large hills.i never had a problem before this. my dad says you have to put the rotors back on through the same holes as when you took them off, or it will do that, because they are worn a certain way. my question is will a new set of rotors fix this problem?
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new rotors will likely fix it if for some reason it still occurs maybe you should check the rear brakes specifically rotors or drums which ever style it has on the rear.
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It's definitely the Rotors

With the heat that builds up in rotors as you break, they are very prone to warping. I'll almost guarantee that changing them out with new rotors will make your ride as smooth as glass. If you're planning on having the car a while, buy the better grade rotors - they really are worth it because they are a bit more substantial and are less likely to warp.

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great!!! thank you both for the advise. i will get new rotors. but do you think my break pulsates because maybe i didnt put them on the exact way i took them off?
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If you did not make sure the out side of the hub amd the back side of the rotor where it contacts the hub are clean and free of any small particles, rust etc.? If something in there causes the rotor to wobble as it turns the pedal will pulsate. As little as .004" run out can cause pulsating.

If it did not pulsate befor you changed pads you probably have something inthere causing the rotor to wobble as it turns. New rotors will do the same thing if they are not mounted perfectly flat to the hub.

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