Horn Honking (Retitled)


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Horn Honking (Retitled)

I have an 86 Plymouth Horizon. That occasionally starts honking the horn on its own?? If I am not around it will start honking and go for an hour or so, I can stop it by kicking the car or actually honking the horn on the steering wheel. Can some please tell how I can fix this? I really don't want to take the steering wheel apart though and I need a horn to pass the safety inspection!

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Never heard of that before. Do you have an alarm system. If not you will probably find the problem in the steering wheel or the horn relay. Might be a good idea to inspect the wire going to the horn first. My guess is your problem is in the steering wheel sense you don't want to take it apart (Murphy's law)
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Problem is most likely in the horn pad. The foam insulation around the horn contacts breaks down and becomes so thin that the contact(s) ground out (Ground actuated switch) with temp changes or small vibrations like a truck going by. On My own car it only seemed to act up in middle of the night.

I've fixed a bunch of them on late 70's/early 80's Aspens, but I think Dodge/Plymouth used the same design till they came out with Air bags and I don't think Air Bags was even an option in 86, but I could be wrong. {DO Not attempt any repairs yourself on vehicles equiped with Air Bag!}

The fix is a fairly easy DIY fix. Need to take the horn pad off.(Sorry, but it's been so long ago I don't remember for sure if on the Horizion if the horn pad snaps off [Press fit], or if it's srewed on.) I'm fairly sure it snaps on/off, but check on the back side of the wheel for srew access. You don't need to remove the steering wheel, just the Horn Pad. Once you have the horn pad loose there will be a wire with a bayonett connector, just disconnect it and you should have the Horn pad Assembly. Peal the form fitted Vinyl cover back . There you'll see some foam around the contacts. The fix is to add some thin foam (Or batting may work) where the foam is deteriated or worn.

The only trick is to add just enough foam or batting to insulate the contacts some, but not to much that the contacts can't work. Reinstall the cover, wire and horn pad and it should work with slightly more pressure than it did before.

In reading this; it may seam harder than it is. If I was there I could have probably fixed it in less time than it took me to write this. It's really pretty easy. The first time I tryed this fix I wasn't sure it would work, but I couldn't have the horn going off in middle of the night and no horn wasn't an option for me either. It worked great with no problems or on any of the other ones I did after that. Worth a try??

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Awesome advice - I will try this for sure!

Mine only goes off at night as well - must be the cold temperatures!

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