The Dreaded '90 Voyager Transmission

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The Dreaded '90 Voyager Transmission

I bought a ’90 Grand Voyager, 3.3 V6, in ’96 and have since then replaced the transmission twice. The last one has been in for about fours years and is probably reaching the end of its life. Is there anything that can be done to extend its life expectancy?

I’ve have gone to rotating the transmission service between the 100% style, and the drop-pan-change-filter style. Is this the best way to go? Should I be doing it every month? (kidding) But will doing it more than once a year be beneficial?

At my last 100% exchange the service center wanted me to buy an additive that was supposed to turn the trany fluid into a synthetic. Is synthetic better, or just a waste of money at this point? Are some additives better than others?

The transmission is shifting a little funny already; not up-shifting as usual, and occasionally some hard down-shifts. Would having it looked at do any good? Can these things be adjusted, or do they just throw them away?
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depends on mileage if you only drive 10K a year then it really wouldnt be of any benefit to change it more often if you put alot of miles on it in a year say 30k then it would be of benefit to have it changed more often.
suggest you make sure that the shop uses the correct fluid for your transmission they do have additives that supposedly make other types of fluid compatible not sure how well they work but alot of lube shops do use them, using the wrong type fluid will cause problems.
suggest you see a transmission shop to get an idea of what may need to be done to the transmission, replacing with another rebuilt transmission is common when internal components are bad wich requires removal and disassembly of the transmission to replace.
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The biggest problem I've found with the A604 transaxle is use of the wrong fluid. To many people, including some profesionals use Dexron ATF. Your 4 speed transaxle should use only ATF+3 Transmission fluid (avalible in aftermarket) or better yet use ATF+4 (But currantly only available from Chrysler Dealers) Some think it's just a marketing ploy, it's not!

ATF+ has differant friction properties than other ATF's. This tranny uses 5 hydraulic clutch's. Fliud properties is criticail. I hope whom ever is doing your service was useing only ATF+3 or +4. Since "They" recommend useing a additive and state that it will turn the fuid to a synthetic (Adding something to the fluid can't turn it into something it not.) I suspect they're not useing the correct ATF.

Synthetic fluid or any ATF Fluids or additives, other than pure ATF+3 or 4 will cause changes in shift quality as well as eratic and premature cluth wear, slippage and overheating of the transmission.

Also, each transmission service the transmission control module (Computer) should be scanned for any fault codes and data of input, control and pressure devises should be checked on a test drive, as it is electronicly controled. Correct ATF and maintenance every 25K would be sufficient. If the wrong fluid or additives have been used the damage may well be done???

That's my thoughts, for what's it's worth

FYI; MOPAR = More Outstanding Performace And Reliability or More Ordered Parts And Recalls

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If my transmission were that unreliable, I'd go to a U-pull-it junkyard and grab a spare and rebuild it myself and keep it as a spare in my basement.
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Ditto on David's excellent reply.

I had a 90 LeBaron (same transmission) and I can commiserate with you on this 'abortion' of good engineering.

These transmissions say Dexron II on the dipstick, but say ATF+3 in the shop manual. Each is a significantly different fluid. Definitely use only ATF+3 (or ATF+4) in that transmission. Anybody remotely familiar with these particular transmissions (re: would have the same recommendation.

Don't use additives to make Dexron III behave as ATF+3. It's not the same. It's like adding Tang to water when you really want orange juice.

I would further recommend you change the entire fluid charge (~12 qts) every 30K instead of the drop-the-pan technique. If you're a DIYer you can search the archives for the DIY technique I use to exchange ALL the fluid, or I can reprint it here for you. This'll give you the edge you need to keep these transmissions running as long as humanly possible.

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