Chevy S-10 Starting Problem (Retitled)


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Angry Chevy S-10 Starting Problem (Retitled)

I have a 93 Chevy S-10 2WD 4.3L V6 Vin Z. A good old truck, car with a bed, that I drive on average 2000 miles a year and he's just shy of 110000 miles.

I had known for a few years that the fuel pump needed to be replaced (kept getting louder). And I knew the oil pressure switch was bad, the gauge kept bouncing all over the place.

Last week, I was on vacation taking time to do spring chores and such, driving Truck around. He died. I didn't here the fuel pump prime at all when I stopped cranking. So I think the pump has finally gone. Since I had already bought a new pump and filter, I had the ole boy towed home, took 15 gallons of gas out of the tank and changed the (in tank) pump.

Everything went better than I had expected and I had the job done in about 4 hours not counting the gas removal.

I went to start him back up and I wasn't getting any gas. My first thought is "It went so smooth, I screwed something up". Nope, gas is being supplied to the carb inlet and gas is coming out the return. I jumped the injectors to the battery and they didn't fire. Well, I thought, perhaps I burned them up when Truck lost the pump and I was trying to start it.

So, I went and bought new injectors and installed them. Same problem, injectors would not fire and allow gas into the carb.

I went back to my Haynes book, falling apart from years of use, and I realize that the oil pressure switch could also keep the pump off so I changed it as I knew it was screwed anyway. Still the injectors didn't fire, but I have fuel where fuel is supposed to be.

If I unplug either injector and take a volt reading with the key in the on position I get 11.9 volts. If I jump my meter leads to either injector while reading 11.9 volts the voltage goes to 0 volts.

If I jump between the battery and either injector it will open and dump fuel into the carb.

Trying to start the engine, niether injector opens and no fuel enters the carb and Truck will not start. No fuses are blown, the coil is near new, he just won't start.

What is right in front of my face that is wrong and I can't see? Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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Do you get a spark ?
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Don't know.

I didn't think about rechecking that until it got dark and will recheck in the am. If no spark or if spark any ideas?

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