reset keyless entry


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Lightbulb Removing a really dark stain

Does anyone have a good way of removing old dark stain? or recommend a good product. Im refinishing an old dinning room set that is almost black in color. The wood is Oak just in case it matters.
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reset keyless entry

How do you reset the keyless entry. I had it done at the dealership and they had a wire that they touched to the interior of the trunk. My keyless entry stops working properly but when it was reset, it worked fine for a couple of months. Then it stopped again. I replaced the battery so that isn't it. I am not sure why it loses its clickability!!
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Hi, I am not sure how this is done, and I hate to suggest this, but you may want to check with a locksmith. Some of the more reputable ones would know what this intails, and can give you a better answer to your question.

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Someone may be able to help you on this site. You do need to let us know the make, model, and year of your car.
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It is a '95 Chevy Lumina. The dealership took a wire and touched it to the keyless entry and then touched something in the trunk on the other. That reset it. I probably should just call the dealership and ask. Thanks!
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I think this is the program for your Lumina.

1. Make sure ignition is in the OFF position.

2. Locate the Programming Connector in the trunk (driverís side). It is a plastic connector with two wires leading up to it. The connector is not plugged into anything. You may have to pull back trim to access the connector.

3. The programming connector should have two terminals. Connect both terminals with a suitable jumper wire. Make sure the terminals remain connected throughout the programming procedure.

4. Press the LOCK and UNLOCK buttons on the transmitter simultaneously. In response, the Keyless Entry Module will cycle all the Door Lock Motors at once. Your new remote has been accepted and all existing remote codes have been erased.

5. Repeat the previous step for each additional transmitter (including any existing transmitters). Do not remove jumper wire in between programming of transmitters.

Remove the jumper wire from the Keyless Programming Connector.

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