Body Repair Info/Advice...

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Body Repair Info/Advice...

I have a '97 Toyota Tacoma the needs some body work on the driver-side door and the cab-panel behind it. The damage is from a concrete post being scraped along the side: a long crease at the bottom of the door, worsening to a large dent/crease on the cab-panel. My deal. Nice job, huh?

It's covered by insurance, but I have decided to cash-out the insurance money and live with some damage. I plan to keep it forever, so cosmetic flaws aren't a big deal. However, I would like to fix it up as well as I can myself. I would like to remove as much of the crease/dent damage as I can. Then, I plan to re-paint it, using a rust-treatment/preventer coat as a base-layer.

I am not after perfection, just longevity and a "reasonable looking" repair. Hey, its a truck. They are supposed to get a little rough around the edges, right?


(1) Do you know of an any good online sources for how-to info about body repair? All I seem to find on the web is product advertisements, videos, books, etc. In particular, I am looking for advice on how to "massage" the dent/crease to get it close to the original shape, and how to produce a good painted surface.

(2) Do you know of online sources that will tell me how to properly remove interior trim panels for my specific vehicle (without damage). Or, should I just go out and buy a "Chiltons" manual for the truck?

(3) Any other info/advice that you have for my job.


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Get the service manual. Post some pics. I'm thinking that it might be best to fins a U-pull-it junkyard and practive there and maybe even find a good door the right color (if you are lucky) and swap it out.

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