1970 Dodge Dart, Electronic Ignition


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Red face 1970 Dodge Dart, Electronic Ignition

Have a friend who would like to replace his ignition system to a breakerless set up. What is the best way to go about this? Does anyone have any good links to parts/proceedures? I don't think it is to hard, just replace the dist., coil and wire in the module, but haven't ever done one before so thought I would get some input.

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well you have a few options as there is several conversion kits available for converting the original distributer over to electronic ignition and this would be the cheaper route however the best way of converting it would be to install a kit that mopar performance parts has out that comes with distributer, module, ballast resistor and connector wiring harness that should be available at your dealer or most parts stores that carry mopar parts, or you can view them online at summitracing.com
I think your original coil should work fine unless you want to change it for some reason.
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Have no reason to replace the distributer....was looking for a good kit to use on a 70 Dodge Dart, 6 cyn, 225 ci, 3.7l engine.
I went to the summit site and just want to be sure to get the right kit, for this engine. Would part numbers CRN-3000-0226 and or CRN-700-0226 work?
He isn't looking for any "high performance" parts, just wants to get away from having to replace/set the points.

Thanks for your quick reply.
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suggest you contact the manufacturer to find out for sure, you should also look at you local parts stores and at what warranty the products may have if they happen to fail in a few months.
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I have used a Pertronix kit and works well about $65 to replace points. It's a self contained ignitor the fits in place of the points


Do a goggle search on where to buy
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I too have a Petronix setup in my stocker 71 Cutlass. It works fine. I find no need for a high energy setup, which would require a new coil and ignition wires.

One thought - check and make sure the old distributor isn't worn. If there is wear, there would be sideways slop of the rotor shaft relative to the distributor housing. If there is slop, you might as well go with a completely new and upgraded electronic distributor from Accel or some other known aftermarket manufacturer. Though a Petronix conversion is okay, a dedicated electronic distributor is superior and more robust.
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I have used both Pertronix and Mallory Unilite conversions and had no problems.

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