Lumbar support question


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Jes Pidlin
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Lumbar support question

I've recently purchased a 99 Chevy S10 and the lumbar support in the driver's seat doesn't seem to work. The control rotates but I do not notice any difference in the support. I removed the knob and when I rotate the shaft a tube moved laterally as the shaft was rotated, but nothing changed in the seat. Also, is this electronically operated? There's an electrical wire going from the floor into the seat.

Anybody got any ideas? Thanks in advance...

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Not sure the answer to your question, but one thought on that wire. It *might* go from the seat belt to that buckle-your-seatbelt nag light on the dash.

With your key on accessory (assuming that lights up the seatbelt nag light), buckle the belt, confirm that the light goes off (your may also have to buckle the passenger belt), then disconnect the wire and see if the light comes back on. That should confirm or refute my thinking.
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Jes Pidlin
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Yep, hadn't thought about the seatbelt "nag" light, that's got to be it. Raining right now so will check later, but I'm sure that's it. Still would like to know how that support works.

Thanks for the come-back.
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I am rather sure that the knob is connected to a cable that connects to the support.
Take it apart and see where it's broke! Be prepared to have to remove the seat back upholstery.

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