Not sure what is going on with my Escort


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Not sure what is going on with my Escort

I have a minnesota 99 Ford Escort Sedan, standard Transmission, 4cyl 2.0L FI (p) engine.
While I start driving my car on the freeway, when I get to 35 mph, my car starts hesitating until I get to around 55-60mph. I believe it might be the transmission. When the car is going from 0-30mpr it is fine. Only at excelerating speed is when it hesitates (starts jerking). If anyone has a good idea what is wrong please help me out. If it is a transmission problem, I would like to know if I should get the transmission fixed or start looking for a new car.

Thank You

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Get the codes pulled, even if the Check Engine Light is not lit
It will help with diagnosis, even if there are no codes

I think it sounds like a Mass Air Sensor is gummed up, but it really could be a number of things
Really the best place to start is pull the codes and post them here
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The best Escort website anywhere. On my Escort I can read codes by installing a jumper wire and watching a light. You need to look for stored codes and clean you MAF and IAC, at the very least. I'd also check the TPS. I don't think it's your transmission.

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