Rear bumper cover

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Rear bumper cover

Well I'd like some suggestions...advice...and how-to's.
As you can see from the pic, my bumper is cracked.
Don't plan on buying a new bumper to save money...also 'cause a new bumper with a fresh paint job on a 9year old car wouldn't look right.
Anyways plan is to fix it and some said JB Weld, other said a strong plastic epoxy.
Doing some research online, I thought that Duramix which was bought my 3M might do the job.
Any suggestions and tips would be GREATLY appreciated.
Thanks in advance
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If you repaired it wouldn't it have fresh paint? Repairs are not going to hold that tear together. I would look into an aftermarket new bumber, I've gotten some for as little as $40.
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what i meant to say was...a newly painted bumper v.s. the rest of the 9year old paint on my car wouldn't look right.

as for a used/new bumper, finding a used one is pretty tough.
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Try this link:
Search on it for for flexible weld, bumper repair, how-to, and such
The site is very informative
Alot of the info is in PDF format so you can save it or print it out no problem
It gets pretty detailed if you go far enough
If nothing else it may help you decide if you want to repair it yourself or not
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You need to replace that bumper. You should be able to loacte a used one the right color if you look hard enough. My local U-pull-it plac sells them for $43. If you go to it is going to cost more, close to $200 (at least) or try eBay. Still cheaper than taking it to a body shop, real easy to replace yourself, and paint on used bumper is faded to match.
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Plastic welder

I don't know what you think is putting too much money into it, but there is a plastic welder for these situations, made by Urethane Supply. It welds all types of automotive plastics...retail between 145ish to 250 depending on where you purchase from.

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