Rusted on rotor 89 Toyota Celica


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Rusted on rotor 89 Toyota Celica

I was trying to replace the front rotors on my 1987 Toyota Celica and I can't get the old rotors off. It looks like the only thing holding them on is rust.

First - after taking off the wheel, caliper, and Caliper bracket, is there anything else I have to remove to get the rotor off? I ask this because according to the repair instructions on AutoZone's web site, I have to also remove the "torque plate". What is that? I believe they are referring to the caliper bracket because they don't mention that anywhere, but I have never heard the caliper bracket be called a "torque plate". It sure looks like there is nothing else to remove.

Secondly, how do I remove the rusted on rotor? I have tried prying and hammering from the back with no luck, I have sprayed it down with PB Blaster and that doesn't help. I have tried to screw in bolts to the two open bolt holes but they are so rusted that after a few turns, the bolts broke off.

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No, there is nothing else holding them except the rust.

Keep spraying, hitting them from behind and they will loosen up. (The opening where the pads were)
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I have used a maul a few times. An ax or a sledge hammer with a long handle will work. Time is money, I hate to fool around with rusted stuff. ( assuming you are buying new rotors) I don't know about yours, but some foreign cars have a small screw holding the rotor on as well

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