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Unhappy AC repair

I had my air worked on a few months ago , due to the feron leaking out. When , I took it to the shop I was advised that there was a leak in a hose that need replacing. It was repaired and within about three weeks I had the same problem. No air. So I return to the shop and I was told that they would run dye to detect the leak. Shouldn't this have been done the first time. Now he says the its the compressor thats leaking. Could this have been dected the first time had the dye been injected. The compressor still has warranty, And I am having the same problem from the very first time I took it to the shop. When I took it there the feron would stay in for about a week and a half and then I would have to replace it. I had the same compressor on there then . And he only changed a hose costing me a lot of money for parts and labor about $300.00 and I right back where I started from. What is It I need to do to get the air working? . Please help the old lady, Thanks
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If you had the compressor replaced and a warranty still exists on it, perhaps try taking it back to where you had it replaced. My two cents, let us know how it goes.
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I'm guessing this is a general repair garage that does a little ac work rather than a specialty shop that does only air conditioning and related work?

I don't know how forcefully you've asked these questions at the garage in question, but that's where I would start, and make sure you are speaking to the owner or manager. Ask him in a direct, no-nonsense manner why you have paid money for repairs that have not fixed your problems and since the parts that were replaced did NOT fix the problem, why you should spend MORE money for MORE repairs. At this point, considering the money you've spent, they should be throwing in whatever labor it takes to find the real problem at no cost to you. It's been my experience in cases like yours that often the customer simply does not express his/her displeasure in such a way as to motivate the garage to satisfy them. The squeaky wheel gets the grease and I would suggest you squeak REAL LOUD and don't leave the premises until you either get satisfaction or decide their facility is not run in a professional manner and that you will never do business with them again.
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Yes, they should have used the dye test the first time unless the hose being bad was obvious and they assumed that it was the only problem with your A/C.
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There are also electronic testers that can "sniff out" a leak. Any reputable shop doing ac work would have this equipment.
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Prolly thought the leak was obvious

Chances are, the leak in the hose was pretty obvious, and so they thought they could solve the problem with the hose replacement.

If it had been less of a leak in the hose, they would have suggested the dye test sooner rather than later. If the hose was indeed leaking also, which seemed obvious to them, then either way you would have had to replace the hose first to know there is additional leakage.

Basically, what I'm saying is, that you might then be taking two trips to fix the same problem, but if the hose alone had fixed it, you wouldn't need to go back, and without the hose fixed, there really wasn't much of a chance of catching a smaller, pressure related leak.

Either way, you should be going to the place where the compressor warranty is in affect. Then, they could make sure they get it all in one visit.

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