Oil or snake oil question


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Oil or snake oil question

Car, 93 Buick Century, 110,000 miles, runs like new. I use the care everyday for 6 months a year and the other 6 months the car is used every other weekend. I am parked in a garage about 2 miles from home so I don't get to start it between alternate weekends.
Is there some product that will cling to the cylinder walls and reduce the starting wear. I have heard about slick 50 and Lucas oil and am dubious at best, anyone have thoughts on this? Thanks
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I can't think of anything that'll cling to the engine surfaces. Slick 50 is definitely snake oil - it does not work. It's been bashed for many years on the internet auto forums.

Your best bet is to use a low viscosity grade of oil such as 5W-30 to get the oil pumped up in the engine quickly during startup, since this appears to be your main concern.

I store cars all the time. You may be fussing too much. I'd be more worried about the battery and brakes.
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Just switch to synthetic oil and don't worry about it.
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My thoughts on synthetic oil are not great as I don't believe any filter out on the market today can handle a 15,000 mile oil change. I religiously change my oil between 2500 an 3000 miles with a new filter. As far as I'm concerned, I know dirt gets into the oil and a filter can't handle anything under 10 microns which means dirt is running through the engine. Thanks for the answers.
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I know I used to fog the engine on my boat before storing it for the winter.
The fog was an aerosol that is sprayed down the throat of the carburator and then you shut the engien down right away and the residue left behind keeps things protected.
If it's the lower end you'e worried about, crank the engine over with the fuel injectors disabled for about twenty seconds to get the oil flowing before starting it.
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I have used slick 50...saw no benefit. I use Lucas in my street rod, the jury is still out. There is one product that I can vouch for, a company called BG has a product called MOA available at BG dealers and some GM and Chrysler dealers. They demonstrate it by starting a demo engine and dropping the oil pan while it's running. I witnessed a friend roll a car onto its side, it had MOA in it and it ran at normal temperature for an hour ON ITS SIDE! Unfortunately I cant get it anywhere but a GM dealer now since I lost touch with the BG dealer.

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