2 mechanics, 2 answers 1 '93 Eagle Summit


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2 mechanics, 2 answers 1 '93 Eagle Summit

I have a '93 Eagle Summit, that leaks oil but mostly when the engine is running. One mechanic said it is a blown head gasket, the other says that if it was that it would leak water too. that it must be a valve pan. I don't know... but i don't want to spend 500 dollars on a head gasket if it isn't that.

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Water and anti freeze will leak if your head gasket is blown, oil will not, If you can put the car up on jack and run it to see where you are leaking from. A compression test will also show a blow head gasket.
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These mechanics are taking guesses, and you are a sucker if you want them to fix it. The only way to tell where the leak is coming from is to clean off your engine real good then check it frequently to see where it's leaking from. My pure speculation would be a valve cover gasket or oil pan gasket, with the valve cover gasket being the most common. But you won't know unless you try. And don't rule out the possibility of having more than one leak, espically if it has a Mitsubishi engine, since they are crap.
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On a 12 year old vehicle, could be lots of things. Valve cover or pan gasket as icon suggests or a front or rear main seal or even a leaky oil pressure sender. Lots of possibilities. Only way is to do as suggested; clean it off and watch, but be sure you trace the leak carefully. A lot of times oil leaks drip off the motor a long ways from where they actually originate due to gravity and airflow.

I would run away from the mechanic who immediately jumped to blown head gasket as a diagnosis
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head gasket...possibly

yes...some overhead cam engines can leak oil at the head gasket. pressurized oil has to get to the top end somehow and there aren't any push rods for it to travel thru. a leak under pressure is easily diagnosed with flourescent dye. it's added to the oil and after a minute or two a black light is used to spot the flourescing oil. it'll also find the leaks not under pressure, but it usually takes some time for the dye to appear.

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