Air-Conditioner Problem?


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Air-Conditioner Problem?

I have a 1994 Buick Lesabre. The air-conditioner is working but when I have it on I hear something clicking on and off repeatedly. The air seems to be working fine-it's cold. When I first turn it on, you can hear the compressor turn on. After it's on a while, it sounds like the compressor turns off, then turns on, turns off, then turns on in rapid succession. I'm puzzled. It also does the same thing when you switch on the defroster. If it's the air-conditioner compressor,why would it affect the defroster? I hope someone can give me an idea of what's wrong. This is an old car and I'm trying to decide whether or not to have the problem repaired. I appreciate your help. Debby

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If you tried to defrost using the same air as caused the windshield to fog up, you would get nowhere. The air conditioner dries, as well as cools the air. This allows it to absorb the moisture (fog) as it blows over the glass and clears the windshield.

The clicking sound is a magnetic clutch which basicly allows the compressor to run or be turned off.

The cycling of the compressor is usually caused by the high or low limit switches. These temporarily shut off the compressor to prevent damage to it. In your case I'm guessing low pressure. The only way to really find out the extent of the problem is to take it to an auto air conditioning specialist. Pay for a diagnosis and then decide if cool air and a clear wndshield are worth the cost of repairs. Your current problem will only get worse with time.
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compressor cycling... normal on that system and is affected by temperature and demand. if it's running in cooler conditions (outside air temp), it will cycle more frequently. if you have the blower speed set on low (low demand), then it will cycle more frequently. may not have a problem. the real test is when you get a warm sunny day, the interior is hot and you have it set on MAX and high blow. if it cycles then and the air temp at the vent is not's probably low on refrigerant and should be checked by a good ac tech.

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