Steam coming out


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Steam coming out

I saw steam coming out of hood of my 1997 Honda Accord.When i opened hood i saw some cut probably from radiator.I am not sure if it is Steam.
What could be the problem and what wld be the cost to fix it.Can i drive and for how long like that...Please help me out.
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steam is always bad if...'s coming from the cooling system. your post isn't clear as to what exactly you saw. if it smells like anti freeze, and your engine is hot, it's steam. leave it alone, let it cool down. then you can check the coolant level in the radiator and expansion tank. fill it up and you can drive a short distance. if you have a temp guage, pay attention to the first indication that it's going over where it normally indicates, STOP. if you over heat it, the potential exists for major damage to the engine. if you don't have a guage...then it will be too late when the light comes on. call the tow guy and have it taken to a reputable shop, get it evaluated and go from there.

as for cost...who knows? depends on the exact cause...a hose would be fairly cheap...a water pump, more expensive...a head gasket, big bucks.

the bottom line is those little engines don't tolerate heat don't overheat it. if you already the tow guy.

good luck...
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Good advice from carguy. We tow people all the time who turn a $100 repair into a $1000 repair by driving to the next exit on the freeway or "just" to the house. My favorite was the lady who drove about three miles to the next exit with a hole in her oil pan the size of a golf ball from road debris. She got to write a big check for a new engine.

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