Need repai advice after getting rear ended


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Need repai advice after getting rear ended

I have an 1990 Ford F-150, the truck is in great shape with only a 105,000 miles on it. I was at a full stop and got rear ended, hit pretty hard. By looking at the back of truck the only thing noticable is the bumper is twisted and bent down and i the reflector on tail gate is cracked. Is there anything else I should look for or have them check? Could it have messed up something else up. Also I keep the steering wheel tilted up high and when I was hit it knocked the steering wheel all the way down to the bottom position. I have to take it to get estimate to get repaired at insurance next week and I am sure they are just going to look at it and want to replace bumper and reflector, but could this have caused any other problems, that I should have them check. The tilt steering wheel is seems like it is fine I don't know how or why it fell because you have to push the turn signal forward to tilt wheel. I just want to make sure truck is fixed back to the way is was before it was hit and not end up with a problem later after they give me a check for the repairs. Thanks
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Fortunately on pickup trucks there isn't much in the back end to take damage. I would make sure that they inspect the rear axle suspension components and the frame rails, but it doesn't sound like you were hit hard enough to cause a problem. As long as your tilt wheel goes up and down and locks in position, probably no problems there, but you might have the adjuster make a note on the paperwork just in case. Not likely to get any satisfaction if the tilt wheel does start to give you problems bscasue they will argue normal wear since the truck is 15 years old.

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