Two Ford Explorer questions


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Two Ford Explorer questions

I have two issues that I am looking for help with on a 98 Ford Exploder....I mean Explorer.

1. My wife was backing up and clobbered the driver side mirror against a post. I was able to collect the pieces and glue it in place for now. I want to replace it with a new unit. The concept of replacing the mirror seems pretty easy but the thing I can't figure out is how to access it from the inside because I can't see where to remove the trim. I only see two bolts near the inside handle. Any help would be appreciated

2. The driver's side outside door handle has no tension on it when you pull up on. It just hangs limp. This affects the keyless entry process because the door does not open right. You have to grab the outside handle and forcefully push it down and then access the keypad before the door unlocks. It looks like a retaining spring mechanism has gone south on the door. Is this a big project to tackle or can someone point me in the right direction so that maybe I can do this on my own.

Thanks for your time
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all are inside the door have to remove it from the interior
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Side view mirror replacement

So by removing the two screws under the inside handle I should be able work the inside door trim loose to be able to get at where the mirror unit is bolted on? Is that a correct statement? Thanks

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