Squealing Ford Taurus


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Squealing Ford Taurus

When I turn the steering wheel on my 94 Taurus the car makes an awful squealing noise under the hood. Is that my power steering pump going bad?
What am I looking at to repair it? Thanks folks
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check your power sterring belt.
It might be loose or sticking.
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sounds like the pump

The belt tensioner has an indicator that will tell you if is in the middle of its range of movement or all the way to one side meaning your pulleys have shrunk or the belt has stretched.

My pump made a low growling noise at idle for about two years and for a couple days at the end it would squeal while parking with the wheel held to the stops (left and right). It had no indications while driving. Finally, the pump seized shortly on start-up and the cloud of burnt rubber from the belt going over the stationary pulley freaked-out my wife. We drove it home when it started turning, but this time it made a lot of noise on the drive.

The pump costs about $50. Buy it with reservoir attached and a couple of quarts of ps fluid to flush the system. The pulley is a plastic and friction fits on the shaft. I reused mine with no problem. The parts people put on the hard sell and I think it was about $20. Most places will loan you the required pulley puller.

I did one on a 94 Taurus last Nov. Be careful with the pressure line. You need two open-end wrenches. The area is tight and I did not have the right ones. I used a too wide crescent and damaged the fitting, and it leaked, so I replaced the pressure line the next weekend. That added about $50 to the job.

With the right tools and a helper to run the starter for the flush, it is less than a 2-hour job.

My car had about 150K at the time. My wiper motor and turn signal switch each failed within a month of the ps. pump.

Good luck. How many miles? How many transmission rebuilds? I paid for two and got another under warranty for the second.
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pump noise

the first thing you should do is have the power steering flushed by a shop.Ford recomends to have it done to reduce pump noise.
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I bought a turkey baster and sucked the old fluid out with it and refilled it with type F trans fluid. I did this 3 times over the span of a week. It totally rejuvinated my steering. No noise, no pulsing steering wheel on hard turns.
Did this to my `95 Taurus SHO and when I saw the results immediately did it to my `99 Ranger as a preventive measure.
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what kind of squeel

check for any animal nest, could be a coon, squirel or rat nest next to you wheel and animal is getting mad and squeeling everytime you make a turn.
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