99' Honda Civic EX A/C Problem :(


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Unhappy 99' Honda Civic EX A/C Problem :(

I have a 99' Honda Civic EX. The A/C comes and goes. When the A/C is not on, the only way to get it to work is to either slam the passenger door or go over a railroad track or bump in the road. I replaced the relay switch, which didn't help, along w/ the blower motor. Since neither one made a difference I put back both of the old parts. Once I switched back all of the old parts it worked for a while, but now I'm having the same problem again. Could this be an electrical problem, like a bad connection to the blower motor or something else? Any ideas on how to solve this problem would be appreciated. Also, when checking the A/C electrical wires should the battery be disconnected?
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if the blower is not working or blowing air out the vents check the blower resistor it could cause an intermitant problem.
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Sounds like a bad/dirty connection somewhere. Could be at the blower resistor, blower, switch, relay, fuse or a ground. If you're checking to see if you have good wires with a test light or ohmmeter, it would be a good idea to disconnect the battery to prevent an accidental short. If you're checking for voltage at the wires you need the battery connected.
I'd start by checking the connections at the relay and blower seeing how those things were worked on before and solved the problem for a while. Make sure connections and clean.

PS: This is a blower problem right, not just a/c? It doesnt blow no matter which position the selector in on (a/c, vent, etc)?

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