Ignition Timing Problem


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Ignition Timing Problem

The engine was cranked on my 1985 Lincoln Town Car while the Distributor was removed. I need to know how to do the Initial Ignition Timing before I install the Distributor. Thanks for any help.
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Get #1 Piston To Top Dead Center By Turning The Motor With The Main Crank Bolt
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One way is to turn the crank to Top Dead Center and install the distributor so the rotor is at the No. 1 cylinder firing position. If that doesn't work (it's a 50% chance... you'll get lots of backfire through the intake), remove the distributor, turn the rotor 180 and try again.
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mark the balancer at tdc so you can see it easily then pull number 1 sparkplug front passenger side plug and place your finger over the hole and bump the engine over with the starter with short cycles allowing the starter to only engage for 1 second when the compression blows your finger off then look at the balancer mark it should be within 1/4 turn of the timing indicator turn the engine by hand wich ever direction needed to align mark with indicator normal direction of engine rotation is clockwise so if the mark is past indicator turn counterclockwise if its before indicator turn clockwise.
then install distributer with rotor pointing toward number one dist cap position.

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