2000 Chevy S10 Auto Transmission O/D


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2000 Chevy S10 Auto Transmission O/D

I have 79K miles on my 2.2L 2000 S10. Earlier in the year when it was cold the automatic transmission would not shift into overdrive until it warmed up. Even after warming up it go out of overdrive on the slightest incline and sometimes not go back into OD at 65 mph or higher. Now it started going in and out of OD at all speeds above 40 mph. It does it for a few seconds and goes back in. I have never changed the fluid or had the filter replaced. Is there a vacuum or electric switch that could be doing this. If so would it be easy for me to fix?
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sounds like the lock-up converter silonid switch, or the valve not working correct.
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Have you checked your fluid livel? Low fluid will make it jump in and out of OD. If fluid is low, need to check where it is going. May be a loose line.
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Are you sure it's the transmission?
You're almost describing an ignition system failure, such as spark plug wire, which incidently, is one of the things that go bad on your particular engine.
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It's is transmission. when it goes out of OD the RPM go up. It runs smooth with no hesitation.
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Sounds like a sticky valve or a plugged up fluid passage in the valve body. Could also be a sticking servo if you trans uses a band to engage OD. I would suggest dropping the pan and doing a drain and refill. You can also change the filter and see if there is a lot of clutch material deposited on the collection magnet.

You can also drain the torque converter by disconnecting the oil cooler lines while running the engine and filling the trans while the cooler drains if the torque converter does not have a drain plug. I would not recommend "flushing" the trans with a flushing service especially when it has never been serviced - debris could be drawn up and makes things worse.

79K miles is a long way to go without service. In time the friction material from the plates and bands will clog up the oil cooler lines and valve body and can give rise to intermittent operation.
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