Brake problems in Honda Civic


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Exclamation Brake problems in Honda Civic

The brakes on my Honda suddenly went to the floor & didn't work. After I pumped them, they came back. I assume this is a master cylinder problem. My hand emergency brake doesn't totally stay down when released so I don't know if I was driving with it on. If I was, did this affect the regular brakes?
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If you were driving with the parking brake (there is no such thing as an emergency brake ) on you may have boiled the fluid. If so try bleeding the rear brakes and see if the pedal returns to normal. If that does not do it then you likely have a bad master cylinder.

Brake fluid should be changed every 2-3 years.
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You either have air in your brake lines or a bad master cylinder.

Note that if you do have air in your brake lines, then you most likely have a leak someplace. The leak may not be obvious since it could be small and can easily get dirty quickly (look like a glob of dirt instead of a run of fluid.

It's also possible for you to just have low brake fluid level, but if that's the case, then top off and you may be able to drive it until you get the leak fixed (if you have low breake fluid level then you definately have a leak; it has to go someplace).

I change my brake fluid every 2 years. Brake fluid should be fairly clear. If it's dark it's bad because it has absorbed too much moisture and rust and acting as an abrasive to the inside of yout brake system.
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Honda Brake Issue

Thanks to Car Nut and Icondude for the info!
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Yup I would agree that the master cylinder could be the cause, If you see no fluid leaking anywhere else. If you want to tighten up the E - Brake you can get into the back seat, take out the ash tray at the console, and tighten with a 10 MM wrench. I forgot the year you posted, Hope it's similar

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