good carburetor rebuild instructional?


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good carburetor rebuild instructional?

Am interested in rebuilding the carb on my 85 ranger. Anyone know of a good web-based instructional?
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No. And definately don't swap it with a rebuilt from an auto parts store because the quality of them really sucks. The only successful carb rebuild I know if was from a shop that specialized in that, and they probably don't exist any more. If a fuel injected version of your vehicle exists consider going to a junkyard and getting the parts.

The factory service manual should tell you how to do it, check on eBay to see if you can pick one up cheap. They are kind of expensive if you buy them new from Helm.
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Some carb kits come with instructions or a exploded view diagram. Keep track of the old parts and look for matching parts in the kit as you disassemble. Do not try to take everything apart. There we be linkage that should stay together and do not try to take the throttle plate off the shaft. If the shafts need bushings, you are screwed. You only want to clean all jets and passageways with carb cleaner or air and replace the above-mentioned gaskets, o-rings, diaphragms, needle valve etc. This is new enough to have variable jets. I would not dunk anything electrical in a can of carb cleaner.

My guess is you do not need a carb rebuild, and some repairs can be made with out a full tear down.

Now for my story:
I had a '84 Pontiac 6000 with a carb that idled like crap. I did all the usual stuff you should do before touching the carb: wires, plugs, cap, rotor, timing, vacuum, compression, scan for codes, exhaust etc. When I took the carb off if found a small heating grid in the insulator/gasket to the intake. Sure enough, the heater was shot and it made all the difference. I guess to pass emissions the car was designed to run as lean as possible and some how the tiny amount of heat helped. Too bad the computer didnít check for an open circuit to the heater.

Post your specific symptoms and you will probably get loads of advice some better than this.
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I found the carb rebuild for my '87 caravan was quite easy. Keep track of what parts went where and clean it up very well. Your 1995 may or may not be a feedback carb. You'll know if it's hooked to an Oxygen sensor or not. If it's hooked to an O2 sensor, then you have a feedback carb and care must be taken regarding the electric metering devices.

It made a huge difference in how well the engine ran after the 'rebuild'.
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The choke sticks a bit when cold. Also, had trouble passing the smog test. Mechanic said a rebuild would help. I'm still trying to decide if this is something I can take on myself.
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its a simple carb to rebuild, you shouldnt have any problems rebuilding it check the vacum operated choke pull off to see if its working if it isnt you should replace it while your at it buy a float and kit and the kit will have instructions and exploded view of the carb and how to set all the adjustments.
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First off when going for a smog test the engine should be warm/hot. Before going to smog test you should also drop in a couple of cans of dry gas, if you're on the edge it will help you pass.
You also did not say what brand of carb you have but Haynes has a few very nice and simple books on carb rebuilding.
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Thanks! What is dry gas?
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Dry gas is methanol. Be careful with it... it is a cumulative toxin than gets absorbed by the skin.

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