1985 Monte Carlo backfires


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1985 Monte Carlo backfires

My friend just lost his wife and daughter and has a lot of bills to pay. He does not have much money or a computer so I told him I would check on this. He has a 1985 monte carlo, when he give it gas on the interstate it backfires and it sometimes stalls and he will have to pull over and waite for a bit and then start it. He put new plugs, plugs wires, rotor cap, a pvc filter ( it sets on top of the value covers and has a vacuum hose in it), a converter on the mufler and check all the vacuum hoses and he does not know what is wrong.
He has a 1985 montel carlo 6 cly, automatic with a 4.3 L in it. He need the car to go to work, is there any one that can help. Thank you
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The backfiring upon accleration is due to it running lean. This Monte if fuel injected if I remember correctly. If it does this while stepping down on the throttle, there may be a restriction in the throttle body where the MAP sensor gets it's vacuum signal.

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