Crankshaft pulley bolt


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Crankshaft pulley bolt

I need to get the crankshaft pulley off a ’93 Mazda Protégé, 1.8l sohc, 5 spd.

How do I hold the shaft/pulley so I can loosen the bolt? With the car in gear and parking break on, the crankshaft still moves while I try to loosen it.

The pulley turns clockwise (facing it). Does it have reversed threads?
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Try having someone push on the brake pedal for you. If that does not work you may have to use a good impact wrench as some are really tight. I doubt if it is left hand thread but your Mazda parts person should be able to tell you.
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try this

I have been told that if you get some of that cloth closeline remove the spark plug and feed it into the hole(leave some out so you can pull it back out when done).turn by hand till it stops the closeline will not hurt anything and will jam the piston against the head.To remove just turn the other way and pull out.
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They make a tool that will hold the crankshaft while you open the bolt. Generally you need either a good impact wrench, a long breakerbar or Arnold to open most of those bolts.
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put a large screwdriver into the teeth on the flywheel and hold against the trans housing while someone loosens the bolt
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got it

I wedged a socket and breaker bar under the car and hit the starter for a second. I would not do this on a car I could sell for more than $1000. The next trick will be tightening it back on.

Thanks for the suggestions.
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I have also used the last post as a last resort, it will either come out or twist the bolt off, its your gamble. I have never broken a bolt off in the crabk doing this but it is poss.
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If you try the hit the starter method mane darn sure it will loosen the bolt. On some cars it tightens the bolt and you very likely will break it off

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