smooooooke from the dashboard...


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smooooooke from the dashboard...

Hi all! I had a bit of trouble this morning with my truck, turns out the battery was konked. I had to get it jumped at work to drive it to the local dealership (not the one I've gone to in the past). They apparently had a charger on it during the day to no avail, and then replaced the battery and said all's well.

I got back in and started driving home, noticed the radio was off, and turned it on to reset the stations. There was no sound coming from any of the speakers. Through the course of the drive home, I'm looking for some mute function that's maybe accidentally on. Then I smell that acrid electrical smoke, and then smoke starts coming out of my dash around the radio. I turn it off ASAP, smoke stops shortly afterwards.

I called the service shop and asked 'what the ???' and got a reply of 'all we would have caused was having to reset your stations, don't know about that smoke.'

I have trouble with coincidence. In the course of them doing electrical work, could something have gotten spiked, or is that not possible because a battery/the charger they used wouldn't have enough voltage to fry something? The only other thing I can think of is the guy at work who jumped. He's a security guy, had one of those stand-alone jumper power sources. could that have done it??

Thanks for any opinions and thoughts,

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The only thing I can think of, if they didn't mess around with the radio wires, is that the alternator is overcharging. Check to see if you have a fuse that goes to the voltage regulator and, see if it is blown. If not that, check the charging voltage with a voltmeter and see if it increases above 14.5 at idle or if you rev the engine up some. If you don't have a voltmeter, check is to see if the headlights get brighter as the RPM's are increased.

If you notice any problems, be careful not to rev the engine up too much as something else could blow and you could ruin the battery if the alternator is overcharging. It's possible you need a new alternator.

Hope this helps. The stand-alone jumper shouldn't have caused any problems as long as the cables weren't connected wrong at any time.

Please post the year/make/model of the truck.
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