89 Taurus radiator fan not working


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89 Taurus radiator fan not working

My 89 Taurus has had all coolant and heater hoses replaced, the thermostat and water pump have been replaced, and the radiator was flushed. While driving on the highway the coolant temperature gauge remains normal, in stop and go traffic or if there's been an accident it will accelerate fairly rapidly and won't go down again until I can move regularly. The AC and the radiator fan don't work, I've replaced the part with multiple wires (relay?) and was told the sensor was fairly new but evidently there's still no electricity at the fan. Can anyone tell me how to wire directly from the battery to the fan, but with a manual switch inside the car that I can use? Thanks in advance!
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fan motor

My experience is from my 94, so maybe it will not apply to the 89.

Does the fan turn by hand smoothly? Was it making a lot of noise before it quit? Is it rubbing on the shroud?

My fan seized after chewing up its bearings. Metal shavings were stuck to the outside of the motor over the fixed magnets. I replaced the motor, $70 at AutoZone. When that did not work, I found a blown fuse. It was a big one, maybe 50 amp on a fuse block under the hood.

The relay is a metal box centered above the radiator under the emissions labeling with about 24 wires running to it. It is expensive.

Check all connections. Unplug and look for damaged, dirty or corroded pins. When the car is hot and running tap or shake the connections, if the fan starts you found the problem. In addition, try beating the crap out of the relay maybe it will start. The relay is also the fuel pump relay. I need to hit mine to get my pump to start on occasion.

When hot you could also check for 12 volts at the fan.
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First off you need to unplug the connector at the fan, from the battery terminals run 2 wires to the fan and make sure that it's working, if it is working run a wire to ground from the battery, run 2 wires inside the car where you want the switch and hook both to the switch then put one wire to the fan and the other to the battery, test the switch for fan operation.
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Be sure to use a fuse somewhere on the positive wire if you decide to install a manual switch.
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here's more, if you're still reading

You said you replaced the relay. Did you get it from the dealer?

Driving around with an improvised cooling system seems like a recipe for disaster. What happens when you loan your car to someone and forget to tell them about the switch under the dash?

I tried to replace my relay with an aftermarket part from Pep Boys. I believe it was a Borg Warner part. It was crap and my car over heated. The fan would come on and then go off randomly while the car was hot. The car overheated because it was mostly off. With the temp gauge pegged in my driveway I would switch out relays. Remember, I only had a problem with the fuel pump component of my original. When I put the original on the fan immediately ran on high. With the replacement, it sometimes ran on low but never on high. I tried this several times and checked all the wires, because I was sure they would not take the $85 part back. With the replacement, I would start the car and the fan would come on. I would turn the car off and restart it. This time, the fan would not come on. When I turned on the ac the fan came on for 30 seconds and then would go off.

I threw such a fit in the store they gave me my money back just to get rid of me. I still use my old part and will replace it with a ford part when the fuel pump part completely gives up or at the first sign of fan problems.

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