93 Aerostar smoking

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93 Aerostar smoking

93 Ford Aerostar, 3.0 V6, 130k miles, chugs black smoke on startup when warm. Gas mileage has dropped from 21/22 mpg to 17/18mpg. I think I have determined it to be a fuel injector stuck open. It is worse if I leave the ignition on for a few seconds before starting. Also, after the motor is turned off for a couple of minutes there is no pressure in the fuel rail. At $50 a piece I don't want to replace all of the injectors. Is there a way to determine which injector is a fault? Can the injectors be rebuilt?
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check for gas in the vac line going to the fuel pressure regulator if it has gas coming out of the vacum line when you turn the key on the regulator is bad.
if you suspect an injector leaking about the only accurate way to determine which one is to pull the fuel rail and injectors out of the intake and pressurize the rail by cycling the key on and off while looking at each injector to see which one is leaking fuel.
a bad check valve in the fuel pump can also cause pressure to drop quickly after the key has been turned off.
some parts stores do sell remanufactured injectors which are generally cheaper than new ones check with your local parts stores to see if available.
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before you remove the rail...

...just disconnect the connector from each injector (all of them) and then check again for holding fuel pressure. saw a pontiac a couple months ago...bad ecm driver circuit was causing one injector to be "on" all the time...altho this car was undriveable because it ran so bad.

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