O2 Sensor Response time Malfuntion


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O2 Sensor Response time Malfuntion

I have a 1997 Saturn in which a had the engine rebuild because it was burning oil. Before the engine was rebuilt and currently the engine service light comes on. I do not know specifically why the light came on prior to the engine rebuild. The O2 sensor was replaced and oil was changed. Recent computer diagnostic determined that the engine light says on due to O2 sensor response time malfuntion (diagnosic number P1133). The computer print-out states that, "Contamination is the most likely cause of these DTC's to set. Contamination could be caused by fuel, improper use of RTV sealant, engine oil or oil contamination." I do not know which of the issues is causing the engine light to come on. What is the best way to determine the actual cause for the engine service light coming on?
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..do you use fuel additives? if you do, then stop, they aren't necessary

check with the person who rebuilt it and ask them if they used RTV...the kind that really burns your nose if you smell it. Low volatility RTV is required on ANY O2 equipped engine. if it's contaminated by the rtv, now that the RTV has cured, it won't ruin another O2 sensor, so the engine doesn't need to be resealed.

is it using any oil since the rebuild? if so...it needs to be checked out for causes.
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O2 Sensor Response Time Malfuntion

The engine was rebuilt in November 2004. I did use some fuel additives soon after. Also, after the rebuilding it still burned a little oil. In the past three months it used about a half quart. The O2 sensor was replaced a month ago and the engine light has been on continuously since then.
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Did you clear the code after replacing the sensor?
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Post O2 Sensor Response Time Malfuntion

Yes, the codes were cleared.

I failed to mention ealier that the longer the engine light stays on the harder the car becomes to start. When the code is cleared starting is easier.

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