Operating Temperature


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Operating Temperature

Can someone help me out? I would like to know why an older four cylinder car has problems reaching operating temperature in winter months? I have a 1989 Ford Probe that doesn't quite reach the normal operating temp unless its a mild winter day, but on the cold mornings, it doesn't get up there hence little interior heat. I have changed the engine thermostat twice with the same results. Any suggestions that might help? I figure that if any work is needed, I would do it in summer, the Probe is a winter car (I'm waiting for my 2005 Mustang GT) Thanx........
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Is the radiator fan on when the engine is cold?
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I have seen vehicles where the heater core will become clogged with sludgy antifreeze I would probably have the cooling system flushed, a lot of the newer type antifreeze products turn to sludge after just a few years, you have to change it out regularly. Get the vehicle up to normal operating temp and grab the hoses going to your heater coil if one is noticeably cooler than the other you probably have a partially blocked core. It happened to me on a little Ford Aspire the flush did the trick, good as new.
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Thanx guys, I am pretty sure the rad fan isn't running contiuously. I like the idea of the clogged heater core and how to check it out. Thank you for that one DNT 1, I am going to give that one a shot. Thanx again
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If your guage reads low, it won't be the heater core. In cold weather the thermostat controls the "minimum operating temperature" of the engine. Make sure it's a Mazda or Ford thermostat as some "off brands" aren't quite up to the task

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