1994 Toy Camry Fuel System Problem????


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Exclamation 1994 Toy Camry Fuel System Problem????

In February 2005, I bought a 1994 Toyota Camry V6 (automatic). Car was running great until recently, a couple weeks ago. I noticed that when accelerating from a stopped position it staggered to pick up speed. The first day I noticed this, the car started up normally but when stepping on the gas to go, it felt heavy and it kind of sputtered a few times before it ran okay. The next day the "check engine" light came on.

The next few days, when testing it, the car would sometimes present the same problem and sometimes it would run fine, but the "check engine" light was still on. Last week, I had the spark plugs replaced, oil changed, fuel filter changed, and a gas treatment was poured into the gas tank. The car began to run just fine, no problems, and the next day the "check engine" light had turned off.

I thought the problem was solved BUT yesterday the car began with the same symptoms again. It sputters to pick up speed, but after picking up speed it runs good. Well, actually, twice yesterday I felt it sputter while driving at a constant speed.
What can be the problem?? Is it a problem with the fuel system?? Fuel injectors?? Any info, advice is welcomed.
Thank You.
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Maybe you picked up some bad gas?
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You need to have the codes read at a place like AutoZone, it is OBD II. Report back with the results.

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