93 Geo Storm axle or strut?


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93 Geo Storm axle or strut?

3 months ago I had the two front axles put on and about 2 months ago, i had new front struts put on. Yesterday evening when I was pulling out, I noticed a noise and pulled back up to see my right front tire was sticking out unlike it should be. I jacked up the car and was looking and noticed one of the two bolts attaching the strut near the wheel was gone. The axle is messed up also by that wheel. Which broke first and caused the other to mess up?
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Well, whoever replaced your struts either forgot to tighten the the strut-to-knuckle nuts or forgot to put the nuts on the bolts. I guess it may be possible that maybe they were over tightened to the point where they would eventually snap off in a short period of time, but I doubt that was the case. The weight of the vehicle then caused they bottom of the strut to sit on top of the outer axle boot, which inturn ripped open the boot. The axle may be fine, but make sure the brake hose didn't get damaged due to it stretching out.

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