92 F150 air conditioning


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92 F150 air conditioning

When I turn my AC on low everything is fine, it is working just like it is suppose to. When I turn it to max, the air starts coming out of the defrost and not out of the AC vents. What could be causing this? Thanks
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Almost certainly a vacuum leak in the line that controls the incoming air flapper.

This is the flapper that moves when you change from normal to MAX / recirculate. It changes the source for incoming air into your system.

Since it works fine when you're in the normal setting it makes me thing the vacuum lines that control the incoming air flapper have a leak in them somewhere.

If you don't want to trace a vacuum leak I'd just run the a/c on normal.
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Look under the hood on the right side. There should be a vacuum motor on top of the evaporator case. Look at the hose going to it. They crack! Splice the hose together with some washer nozzle hose.

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