AC troubles?


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AC troubles?

A 1997 S10 type 2 door Chev Blazer, 4.3L automatic
Harrison typeCCOT HT6 comp, R 134 A, all original (except condensor is new when changed out in a frontal accident 2 years ago)
I tried to add a couple cans of R 134A but it didn't take them much. The hose from the cans has a gauge, but I don't know how to use it properly. Inside temp at right hand louver did not get down to the book value of about 40F when outside is 90F. I did not vac or change anything else in the system.

What should a proper AC service on this car cost if I bought it in somewhere (other than the dealer)?
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You should take a pressure reading on your system before adding anything. Meijer sells a cheap pressure gauge that hooks up to either high or low side.

Does your compressor kick in? Does it stay on?

I really need the pressure readings before I go too much further.

Did a professional change out the condenser? If not, was a vacuum pulled on the system after changing it? Was the dryer changed?

Sometimes the valves in the charge ports don't open up by just connecting the hose to it, I've had to press the hose all the way on the fitting and hold it there before. Does the can of refrigerant get cold? Are you charging as a gas or liquid?

What is the vent temp you were getting?
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more information

The compressor kicks off an on, about once every 20-30 secs. The can set has a pressure gauge, it reads about 60 on low (into the green), and up about 150 or so on high in the red area(this from memory, I can check again). The feed for recharge is on the top of the dryer via a snap on connection. The cans (gas recharge) don't get sucked out all the way.
A professional body shop replaced the radiator and condensor. I do not believe the dryer was replaced at that time, however it worked well for about 2 years after that.
Will snap on the gauge and get better reading for you asap.
Thanks, Marc

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