How hard is it to replace a carb?


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kc robertson
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How hard is it to replace a carb?

I have a '77 Ford P/U.... 6cyl.... stripped down, with a single brl carb....

I recently fount out that I can pick up a new one at the parts store for just over a hundred bucks....

I've been having a lot of trouble with the truck recently, mostly at idle - and i've noticed a sharp decline in gas mileage.....

I'm kicking around the idea of replacing the carb myself - is this an easy task?

Or should I leave it to the pro's....?
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It's real easy to replace a carb. The problem is finding a new one that works good. I had one car where I replaced it like 7 times, then eventually rebuilt it myself. If you want a rebuilt one, just make aure it's from someplace like NAPA or CarQuest and keep your old one so you can rebuild it if necessary.
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Like Icondude said, it's easy to replace a carb.... the trick is to tweak it so it'll run well. There's a lot of fiddling that goes on after replacing a carb.
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Grab hold of your carb body & try to twist it side to side. The old Ford 6-in-a-row used to be knowen for the body of the carb coming loose from the base where it bolts to the manifold. If yours is like that, remove the carb & tighten the bolts that go up thru the bottom of the carb base with a #3 phillips screwdriver.
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I've worked on a lot of carburators. For most problems, I basically just take them apart, clean them, and put them back together with new gaskets from a gasket kit. It's rather easy to do if you can keep track of the parts and how they go together. The kits generally come with good illustrations, the proper settings for your car, and a step-by-step on how to properly adjust the settings.

The only time a carburator should need replacing is when the bore for the throttle plates develops slop, and the resulting vacuum leak gets so bad that there's no way it can hold a smooth idle.
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