please dont laugh i need an answer


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Question please dont laugh i need an answer

I have a 1997 Pontiac Transport with front and rear air. The air was not cooling so I put high mileage 134a in and the front is cooling now. But the back is still blowing hot air. My question is, is there more than one place to fill or recharge for the rear air to work? If not could you possibly tell me what to try to get it to work. I thought it all worked together.
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it does...

...all work together. a couple things to think about. does it have rear heat? if so, how is the heat controlled in the other words, is it cooling but being overidden by the heat. most systems are what's referred to as "reheat" systems, meaning that the air is cooled first and then reheated if necessary. heating can be controlled simply by separating the air flows or by reducing the amount of hot coolant allowed to flow through the heater core...or both.

the other thing is, could it still be low on refrigerant. a dual system that is low, loses cooling in the rear first. this is the problem with just adding have no idea how much you now have in the system. there are pitfalls to both under charged and over charged conditions. you also have an obvious leak...something that should be repaired according to law.

you may be able to figure out the heat aspect by looking at or finding service information and for the correct charge...the refrigerant should be removed and the correct amount put back in. (and fix the leak, of course)

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