98 Ford Escort sluggish when accelerating


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98 Ford Escort sluggish when accelerating

My wife has a 1998 Ford Escort manual transmission. I want to say it's a 1.8 or a 2.0L. I guess I'm not sure. For the last couple of weeks her car has been sluggish when accelerating. It's almost like she's shifting from 1st to 5th. It only does it for a second or 2 but then it comes out of it. Even when getting on to a freeway, I'll downshift from 5th, down to 4th to accelerate and it chugs slightly. I've added Injector cleaner and it was gone for about a week but now it's back. I'm replacing the plugs and wires tonight as well as the fuel filter. I don't think either one has been changed since she's had the car and there's over 120,00 miles on it. Could you tell me if there could be any other culprit. Thanks!
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Is the 98 Scort the Second generation or the 3rd?

Anyway, it sounds like the car jsut needs a good ol' tune up to me.

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