50 mph brake shimmy 96 grand am


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50 mph brake shimmy 96 grand am

96 grand am has a violent brake shimmy over 50mph only. I have done rotors and drums pads and shoes to solve this and it seemed to melow it out a bit but it is still there. I had all the bushings inside the control arms and area done. any suggestions? Possible front /rear,bearings? but I dont find much if any play in that area.
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If you mean when you are pushing on the brakes were the rotors cut to less tham minimum thickness? Also if there is rust, dirt, etc. on the rotor or hub where they meet it can cause the rotor(s) to run out and cause pulsation which will be agrivated by getting the rotors hot.
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if the rotors are still serviceable...

...have them turned on the car rather than on a bench lathe. car nut is right on about rust and crud being between the rotor and the wheel hub. also proper lug nut torque is CRITICAL! one other thing is hard braking...that also leads to rotor warpage...and the thinner the rotors are, the sooner it will happen....if you are a hard braker.

one other thing...while driving, gently pull up on the parking brake lever. if it shakes, the problem is in the rear brakes. one thing that can raise havoc with drums, besides the obvious(worn out...oversized), is getting them hot from hard braking and then parking and applying the parking brake. this can cause the drums to become egg shaped.

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