Fuel-Injected Car Out of Gas...What to Do?


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Fuel-Injected Car Out of Gas...What to Do?

I ran my 88 Pontiac Bonneville out of gas yesterday. It's fuel-injected, and I'm wondering what I need to do to get it going again. One gallon in the tank didn't solve the problem. I know how to get stuff running when dealing with a carburetor, but I don't know diddly about fuel injection. What to do?
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Pour a couple more gallons in. Unless the fuel pump or relay has failed or you blew a fuse, there's no reason for it not to start. Very bad to run out of fuel with a diesel engine where the system has to be bled, but a gas engine should start as soon as you get gas back in it.
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When you turn the key on can you hear the pump whirring in the back of the car? on a fuel injected car with an in-tank pump the gas is what keeps the pump cool. Run too low and the pump can overheat. Just another possibility.
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I would also try the add more gas and listen to hear the fuel pump. I'd also worry that when you let it run out you may have sucked some sediment into the pump or filter.

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