overheating because of Air conditioner


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Unhappy overheating because of Air conditioner

I have a 95 Dodge Neon that never overheated from using the A/C till I replaced the compressor. The new compressor instructions (as best I could tell) said to use 9 oz. of oil in it. Most other models of compressors take about 3 oz. I suspect too much oil may be the cause of my overheating. Any advice would be helpful from someone who really knows A/C systems.
I would consider the cause of the problem being something else, but too much oil is the only thing I could think of that might do it. I did replace the receiver/drier with the compressor.

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Did you evacuate the system? There may have been oil remaining in the condensor system. Regardless, I believe that most A/C systems have a pressure sensor that will shut off the pump in the event of over pressurization.

Possibly there is something wrong with your engine cooling system, maybe the e-fan isnt coming on when it should or the thermostat is going out. I could enviesion either of these causing a situation that looks like the a/c is overheating the engine.
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this overheating problem didn't occur till I changed the compressor. From the start, the engine seemed to be laboring when the compressor kicked on. The fan works fine.
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I would agree that it probably has nothing to do with the a/c causing the overheating problem and is probably a coolant system issue while you may have added to much oil to the a/c system I dont see it causing an overheating problem, could cause poor a/c performance though.
how long has it been since the a/c has been working on this vehicle?
the compressor does put alot of load on the engine and if the cooling system isnt up to par could easily cause it to overheat only when the a/c is on I would check the fan or fans if it has more than one cooling fan make sure they both work, the thermostat or radiater could also be causing the problem.

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