Vehicle inspection


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Vehicle inspection

Ok so my speed sensor is messed up. Im wondering if i will be able to get my vehicle inspected if my check engine light is on. I live in texas.

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If its an OBDII state or county nope. Will fail if (CHECK ENGINE SOON) light is commanded on. Those are easy to change what kind of vehicle and engine, auto or manual tranny?
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Most places a lit CEL is an automatic fail
Your local rules may be different, maybe a neighbor who knows for sure will chime in
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Vehicle info

I have a ford ranger 2000. I unplugged the battery and that seemed to remove the engine light from the dash. Any other suggestions? Oh and its a standard, with a v6.
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Checkout this link:

It may answer your question, and by the way even if you remove the battery cable and the CEL goes out, you will still need to put the vehicle through a drive cycle before it will pass. Every car maker has different requirments for it's drive cycle.

Hope that helps!
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I got it inspected without a problem. Now my question is how tough is it to fix the gears that control my speedometer and how hard is it to fix a dead speed sensor?

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