Error Code P440 Evap malfunction


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Error Code P440 Evap malfunction

98 Lumina 3.1L 6cyl 150K
According to shop manual, computer turns on (closes) canister vent valve and purge valve. Vacuum is set on this line. If high enough vacuum cannot be reached, computer sets P440. This is caused by leak in the line or the valves not closing completely.

Has anyone worked on this code before? I searched internet and found purge valve tends to go bad on this car. So I replaced it. The same code returned in one day.
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Just checking....did you remember to clear the codes?
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I think so but I am not 100% sure. But the Service Engine Soon light went off after the new purge valve was installed.

Edit: By the way, the gas tank cap was also replaced.

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The evap vent valve could be sticking open or closed. Probably your next best guess. I believe it is in the LR wheelwell

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