TCC solenoid replacement on GM trans


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TCC solenoid replacement on GM trans

I've got a 1997 Olds Silhouette with a 4T60E transmission and 110kmi. When the torque converter locks up, the van jerks forward, as though the TCC is engaging too quickly. This is most pronounced at lower speeds (45-60mph); at higher speeds, it isn't very noticable. All other shifting and TCC disengaging seems fine and there are no P codes.

I replaced the trans fluid and filter but there is no difference. I'm wondering if the TCC solenoid is going bad, so I'd like to replace it. Can anyone provide any advice on replacing the TCC solenoid? Can it be done with the transmission in the car? Can the transmission side cover be opened enough with the driveshaft in place? Do I need to drain the fluid before opening it? Any other ideas on what may cause this or how to change the solenoid? Thanks.
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Don't qupte me on this but I believe it can be totally disconnected and won't affect anything at all.

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