Sluggish Escort


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Sluggish Escort

I have a 95 Escort 4 cyl. 1.9 125K auto. Car sat for 6 mos. in heated garage. When I started the car last week , it started fine. Now when at idle car chugs as if it wants to stall. When at acceleration it runs fine, smooth at 20 mph and above. Changed plugs, wires,air filter, and idle air mixture control last year. But the car sat for 6 mos. The only thing I can think of is fuel filter. Never been changed to my knowledge. I have located the filter against the firewall. But it seems there is no room for wrench to work . Is there trick to this removal? Raise engine, special wrench or something like that? Thanks
Bill from ohio
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Nothing special, just kind of a pita
You only need to loosen the strap to lift it up
You don't have to remove the bracket
The bottom hairpin retainer is a bit tricky to get to also
If you have to break the old ones it's OK as your new filter should have some

Be careful not to break the new retaining clips when installing though, they are not cheap when purchased alone (probably why I try not to break them when removing the old ones)

btw- you have the EEC-IV controlled engine
There may be some codes stored w/o lighting up the Check Engine Light
Might be worth a check
Also I'd clean the Throttle Body (unless there's a sticker that says not too-then it's ceramic) and the MAF sensor
Look for vacuum leaks in the vac hoses, specially under the curved pieces where you can't see

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