94 mustang 5.0 A/C problems


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Unhappy 94 mustang 5.0 A/C problems

I have a 94 mustang 5.0 and the air conditioner seems to be stuck on defrost. It will not switch over to the vents. What could cause this? Is it a really hard fix? Will a garage charge an arm and a leg to fix it?
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It sounds like the blend doors are stuck. Often independent repair shops will not touch that kind of work, leaving the underdash work to the dealerships. Buy a Haynes manual and start poking around under your dash to find the blend doors. You may be able to fix it yourself.
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I think the '94s were still a combo of mechanical and vacuum
It's tricky, and very tight under there, but it is possible it's DIYable
But you will have to do some poking around under there
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check the nob,def,heat,vent, they like to break in side
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Sounds like the the vacuum line where it attaches to the plenum is cracked or broken. Very common on Fords, look for a black plastic line about 1/8" in dia. It breaks/cracks out of the rubber fitting that attaches it. Just pull the broken piece out and put back on.

The default when you lose the vacuum is defrost.

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