Ran low on gas, now won't start


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Question Ran low on gas, now won't start

I have a 1988 Dodge Caravan , V-6, that I ran low on gas, now it won't start. I checked the line that goes to the fuel pump by disconnecting it and starting the engine. Gas came out, so I think the problem isn't the fuel pump. I was told that it may be something electrical like a blown fuel pump fuse or the timing. Question: I looked inside the van in the fuse box and do not see one labeled for the fuel pump, also, above the colored fuses, there are three metal, silver colored fuses, one is circular shaped and is very hot. I looked under the hood where the 8 relays are, but don't see any type of fuse near there. Where is the fuel pump fuse located? And will replacing the fuel cap make a difference?
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You may have sucked some debris up from the bottom of the tank or burned up the pump. Just becasue the fuel comes out of the hose doesn't mean you have enough pressure. Listen at the open fuel neck while someone turns the key to "on" (don't crank). You should hear the pump humming for several seconds. If it sounds like it is running, I would change the fuel filter. See www.autozone.com for location and procedure. Next step would be a pressure test, but you'll probaly have to get it to a garage with the proper equipment.
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If it is the in tank fuel pump, I wish you good luck in changing it. I had to do that on a couple vehicles in the past and it is definitely more than a 15 minute project.

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Unhappy Changed fuel pump and still won't start

I changed the fule pump, filter and strainer on a 1988 dodge Caravan with fuel injection. And it still won't start. Think it may be electrical, but I don't know where to find the fuel pump fuse to see if its burned out. Inside the van, next to the steering wheel is a fuse box, all are labeled, but none reads fuel pump. There are three silver colored Fuses, I think, a circle shaped one in the middle of the other two. These silver fuses are above the regular fuses. Someone told me that the fuel pump fuse is located under the hood, not inside the van, but all I see under the hood are the relays. Can someone please tell me where to find the fuel pump fuse? My van sounds like it wants to turn on, but then never does.
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Did you listen at the gas filler while someone turns the key on as previously suggested? If you do that and can hear the pump humming for a few seconds, you are chasing your tail looking for a fuse because the pump is running. Next step - pull a plug wire and check for spark.
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I don't know where the fuse is either, but I agree with towguy, just listen for the sound of the pump running and save your efforts to find the fuse.

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