trouble codes


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trouble codes

I have an 85 olds cuttlas ceira 3.0. after noticing that when the fan comes on the check engen comes on, I tested the computer and came up with a code 34 and 45. a little time went by and I ran out of gas. so I put some in, drove to a gas station and filled it up. couple days after that I went to a camp site to visit my brother and I decided to stay, so I went home got some stuff and on the way back I noticed the car was a little sluggish. so on the way there I was going up a kinda steep hill but long. half way up the car acted like it was out of gas and started to rev up and down alot. I bearly got up the hill. I got to the site just fine. it was hot that day high 80's and about a 50 mile trip each way. the next day after I got home I had to take my mom to work. so on the way there I had to go up a kinda steep but short hill. it did the same thing for a sec. then shut off. I backed into a parking lot. let it sit for a min. then it started up just fine. it was in the 90's that day. I got here there and back home. later that day I tested the computer again and I got a 53. I've always thought it got bad gpm. it gets about 14 city and 20 highway. my dads 85 6000 with a 2.8 and 240,000 miles gets better gpm, and he has a 3 speed, I have the 4 speed. the car passed smog near perfect a week befor. it does seem to have a miss in it. but havent taken out the plugs. and kinda acts like its rich, I press on the gas and it takes a sec for it to act. I also have a problem that sometimes it would rev up for no aparent reson. which is bothersom when backing up. kinda like the cable is binded. but everything moves freely. its weird. it seems to take a sec to act when you press on the gas and it takes a sec, for it to act when you let off the gas. so far it seems ok. I havent checked the computer sence friday.thanks matt
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34 = MAP sensor or MAF sensor depending on engine
45 = Rich exhaust O2 sensor
53 = system overvoltage
EGR system (carb models)
alternator out of range

I would (a) replace the O2 sensor, and (b) having the charging system checked to make sure the alternator is putting out proper power. May also need to replace the MAP (manifold absolute pressure) or MAF (mass air flow) sensor(s), but I would take care of the O2 and the charging system first. Don't be surprised if the O2 sensor is difficult to remove as old as your vehicle is, but it's probably where your gas mileage went.
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thanks for your help. I have one more question, Ive looked all over in the hains manual and as always gives you the minum amout of info. and it doesent tell you where the map sensor is. is it posable you could tell me where it is? thanks matt

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